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Our Team

Everyone at Capna passionately believes in the power of engineering and innovation to lead the cannabis market to new heights. Our pioneering work in ethanol-based extraction not only helps producers and brand owners achieve greater economic success, but sets stricter quality standards that benefit the entire industry. Always with partnership and trust at the forefront.

Vitaly Mekk
Chief Executive Officer
Gene Galyuk
Chief Technology Officer
Erwin Sibal
Chief Development Officer
Casey Ly
Chief Revenue Officer
Cristina Burlacu
Head of Marketing
Fernando Pinero
Head of Human Resources
Noe Garcia
Sales Director


Case Studies

Discover how Capna Labs is helping Bloom grow with our entire range of services, including extraction, branding and creating the terpene formula at the heart of their market success.
Learn why Mad Cow chose Capna Labs to successfully expand their concentrate line with the highest quality ethanol shatter plus our full suite of expert partner services.
Find out why this medicinal hemp leader chose to leave CO2 extraction behind in favor of the scalability and quality made possible by Capna’s ethanol extraction technology.